Unthinkables 2013

Unthinkables 2013

Thank you: we made things happen

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The fourth edition of the conference will be held, with two half days allowing participants to discover, understand and experience the “unthinkable”.

Insight, meetings and debate: plenary and parallel sessions (followed by debates and Q&A) will take place with important speakers, selected from among the leaders in today’s society, from innovation to finance, from industry to the academic world.

Think disruptive.
Make it real.
Act easy.
Be unthinkable.

Making Things Happen

“Vision without execution is hallucination.”   Thomas Edison

How can we make things happen?  How can we then make them extraordinary?

Making the unthinkable possible, moving from intent to result: strategies and actions to make the most of and carry out winning and innovative ideas, which are now too abstract.  A dialogue on the most surprising ways to make things possible, learning with companies who have been able to create great success stories.

Expect the unexpected.
Come to Unthinkables.

The event has been accredited by the ODCEC and 13 educational credits will be allocated.